Video adapter - VGA-CONVERTER

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  • Varenr.: VGA-CONVERTER
  • Video adapter
  • Inputs: VGA, SVIDEO or BNC Video
  • Output: VGA
  • Multiple supported resolutions
  • NTSC, PAL and SECAM video system
  • Image Settings by OSD menu
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Video signal adapter from BNC and S-VIDEO to VGA.

Permits to transform the composite video signal of equipment with BNC or Super-Video output to VGA signal type compatible with computer monitors. It has 3 video inputs, with the following connections: VGA, BNC (CVBS) Video and S-Video. And a VGA video output. Therefore, to the input you can connect up to 3 different devices simultaneously: a PC or laptop (with VGA output), a VCD, DVD or similar (with S-VIDEO output) and a surveillance camera, video recorder, generator of quadrants, switcher, video camera or game console, with BNC (CVBS) video output. The adapter allows switching between one or the other output, thanks to a switch placed on the front panel, and without loss of quality or sharpness. In this way, the user can choose at any time which of the input devices connected to the input he wants displayed on the monitor.

It is compatible with all types of monitors, both tube and modern LCD and TFT panels with VGA input. It also supports multiple output resolutions. It has adjustable brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and tone, controllable through the switches on the front panel and thanks to its simple OSD menu. It is also delivered with all necessary cables to connect the different formats to the input.

Video inputs VGA, S-VIDEO and CVBS
Video output VGA
Video format PAL/NTSC/SECAM
Supported resolutions 800x600,1024x768,1280x1024,1440x900,1680x1050,1920x1080,1920x1200
Adjustable elements Brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and tone
Dimensions 27 (H) x 95 (W) x 55 (D) mm
Weight 80 g
Power supply DC 5 V / 1 A


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