VGA signal multiplier - VGA-SPLITTER-2

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  • Varenr.: VGA-SPLITTER-2
  • VGA signal multiplier
  • 1 VGA input
  • 2 VGA outputs
  • VGA, SVGA, XGA, Multisync
  • Distance to monitors: 65 meters
  • Power supply DC 5 V
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Multiplier of VGA video signal from 1 to 2, with amplification.

Active device that duplicates the video signal from a VGA source (computer, DVR, etc.) to 2 outputs. Thanks to this, provide fast and flexible solutions for situations such as broadcasting video information to the public, monitoring in work environments or use in corporate or educational facilities.

In addition to acting as multipliers of the signal, it also amplifies, improving the input signal and allowing transmission to a maximum distance of 65 meters. It is therefore the best solution when required to transmit multiple VGA, SVGA, XGA, or Multisync video signals over long distances. You can use multiple units connected in chain to transmit the signal to many monitors as the installation requires, making them excellent solutions for systems of mass emission.

Video inputs 1 VGA input
Video outputs 2 VGA outputs
Video signal type VGA, SVGA, XGA, Multisync
Maximum distance to monitors 65 meters
Power DC 5 V / 1500 mA
Bandwidth (-3 dB) 250 MHZ
Operating temperature 5º C ~ 40º C
Dimensions 132 (W) x 45 (H) x 90 (D) mm
Weight 300 g


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