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Varenr.: XTL-49977016
  • Varenr.: XTL-49977016
  • Perpetual license 128 IP video channels
  • Compatible only with iFT / iFT-E
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  • XTL-49977016
  • Activation license for IP channel for camera installation.
  • Compatibility with the leading camera brands: SAFIRE, ACTI, Arecont, Avigilon, Axis, Bosch, Brickcom, Hikvision, HIKVISION AVE, Honeywell Performance**, Honeywell EquIP**, Honeywell HDZ**, JVC, Panasonic, Pelco, Samsung, Sanyo,Sony, and support for cameras with ONVIF Profile S controller
  • Quick and easy installation and commissioning with user-friendly zone of interest detection.
  • 3D, calibration without learning period.
  • Powerful ADVANCED parameters for improved detection probability and reduction of false alarms.
  • Reduction of alarms caused by spiders/insects.
  • Reduction of alarms caused by car lights.
  • Up to 16 zones or directional zones per video channel.
  • Flexible detection within the same scene with criterias per detection zone.
  • Advanced algorithms to maximize target detection and tracking.
  • It can detect: Crawling, rolling, running, and slow movements.
  • Each detection zone can have its own set of parameters, to allow detection of small and large objects, fast and slow, in the same scene..
Varenr. XTL-49977016
Type License for IP Channel
Quantity 128
Expiry date Not applicable (perpetual)
Compatibility IFT-IFTE


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