Professional alarm kit - AJ-HUBKIT-W

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Varenr.: AJ-HUBKIT-W
  • Varenr.: AJ-HUBKIT-W
  • Professional alarm kit
  • Certificate Grade 2
  • Ethernet and GPRS communication
  • 868MHz Jeweller Wireless
  • Up to 100 wireless inputs
  • Mobile App and PC Software
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AJAX professional anti-intrusion alarm system with bidirectional wireless communication.

Complete wireless alarm system for professional installations both in residential and commercial fields. The communication is done via Ethernet and/or GPRS. The two-way communication with detectors and accessories is accomplished using an Ajax-designed wireless protocol called Jeweller. This operates in the 868MHz frequency and it is secure enough to have earned the manufacturer a Grade 2 certification..

The wireless link has a high reliability due to its ADVANCED Jeweller protocol with high security AES encryption. The unique instant and intelligent monitoring system detects inhibition of the signal identifying a specific downtime and in turn reduces maintenance costs as it significantly extends the life of the batteries of the detectors without compromising security. The wireless signal is able to cover distances up to 2 km in open space. It also includes features to ease the installation such as the Smart-Bracket or the simple linking of detectors to the alarm system.

It allows up to 100 wireless zones with the possibility of grouping these devices up to 9 different groups, where the different actions can be carried out; armed, partially armed, disarmed. These AJAX wireless devices have different possible configurations such as 24 hours zone, zone with time delay of entry or exit...

The AJ-HUB-W panel has an AC 110-250 V power input and also a rechargeable backup battery with a duration of up to 15 hours.

The Ethernet communication for remote access is its main advantage both for the user and the installer as it allows connection through the software for PC AJAX PRO Desktop and mobile applications for iOS and Android AJAX Security Systems and AJAX PRO: Tool for Engineers (professionals). Through these applications it is possible to configure the entire system, manage users and their permissions, add devices, group them in rooms and modify the configurations. The use of the cloud is compatible with dynamic IP without the need to open ports. Ajax users will enjoy multiple advantages as you can receive reliable and instant notifications in both desktop software and mobile applications.

As an additional complement to the AJAX alarm system, from the mobile application you can add up to 10 IP cameras or video recorder channels to be able to verify the video stream live.

The kit includes the AJAX Hub AJ-HUB-W control panel, an AJ-DOORPROTECT-W magnetic contact, an AJ-MOTIONPROTECT-W motion detector and an AJ-SPACECONTROL-W remote control.

Control Panel

Brand AJAX
Security grade Grade 2
RF frequency 868 MHz. Protocol via Jeweller wireless technology
Internal security Tamper-resistant opening
Internal siren No
Communication Ethernet / GPRS
Maximum devices 100
Video integration Up to 10 IP cameras or video recorder channels
Number or users Up to 50
Connection with CRA Contact ID / SIA
Housing material ABS plastic
Power AC 110~250 V, 50/60 Hz
Backup battery Duration up to 15 hours
Temp. operation +5º C ~ 40º C
Dimensions 163 (H) x 163 (W) x 36 (D) mm

Magnetic Contact

Security grade Grade 2
Transmission distance ≤ 2000 m (in open space)
Frequency 868 MHz
Battery 1 battery CR123A 3.0 V (approximate life time 7 years)
Housing material ABS plastic
Dimensions 90 mm (D) x 20 (Ø) mm

PIR detector

Technology PIR Motion detector
Security grade Grade 2
PIR lens 24 zones and 6 planes
Detection range 12 m / H: 88.5º / V: 80º / Installation 2.4 m
Pet immunity ≤ 20 kg, ≤ 50 cm
Frequency 868 MHz
Transmission distance ≤ 2000 m (in open space)
Masking No
Sensitivity Adjustable. 3 levels (low, medium and high)
LEDs indication Alarm, tamper, signal
Battery 1 battery CR123A 3.0 V (approximate life time 7 years)
Temp. operation 0ºC ~ 50ºC
Housing material ABS plastic
Dimensions (without bracket) 110 (H) x 65 (W) x 50 (D) mm

Remote control

Power 1 battery CR2032 of 3 V
Transmission distance ≤ 1000 m (in open space)
Frequency 868 MHz
Battery 1 battery CR123A 3.0 V (approximate life time 5 years)
Temp. operation -20º C ~ 50º C
Housing material ABS plastic
Dimensions 65 (H) x 37 (W) x 10 (D) mm


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