Time and Attendance license software - ZKTIME-SB-500

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Varenr.: ZKTIME-SB-500
  • Varenr.: ZKTIME-SB-500
  • Tids- og deltagelseslicenssoftware
  • Kapacitet 500 brugere
  • TCP / IP-kommunikation | trådløst internet
  • Flersproget | Avancerede funktioner
  • Mangfoldighed af tidsplanrapporter
  • SQL professionel database
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  • ZKTIME-SB-500
  • ZKTeco
  • Small Business Time & Attendance Software
  • Up to 500 employees
  • Management of ADVANCED time attendance and access control
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • ZK device finder over TCP/IP protocol
  • Management of employees, schedules, shifts and justifications
  • Manual assignments
  • Obtaining different reports (Word, Excel, PDF, HTML)
  • Secure database MySQL, SQL Server or Oracle
  • Real time monitoring
  • Compatible with ZKTECO devices
Varenr. ZKTIME-SB-500
Brand ZKTeco
Model ZKTime Small Business 50 employees
User capacity Up to 500 employees
Operating systems Windows 7/8/10 32Bit and 64Bit
Communication TCP/IP | WiFi
Database Oracle / SQL Server / / MySQL
Reports available Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Department, Flexible, Exception, Absences, Early exit, Late arrival, Registrations
Advanced functions Simple access control, Human Resources Management
Available languages Spanish, English, French, Chinese, Russian, Japanese


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