Proximity card - RFID-CARD-50P

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Varenr.: RFID-CARD-50P
  • Varenr.: RFID-CARD-50P
  • Proximity card
  • Identification by radio-frequency
  • Passive RFID
  • Low frequency 125 KHz
  • Suitable for card printers
  • Pack of 50 cards
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RF proximity card.

Automatic user identification by RFID. Passive card, when in proximity to the reader is activated by magnetic induction. When activated (electromagnetic induction) it returns a code to the system so requires no battery.

Communication with the reader is with a 125KHz low frequency radio antenna.

Manufactured in PVC and with a similar size to most credit cards so can be transported in most card wallets.

Suitable for customization using a card printer.

Pack of 50 cards

Varenr. RFID-CARD-50P
RFID 125 KHz Passive
Material PVC
Dimensions 54 (H) x 85 (W) mm
Weight 6 g


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